Friday’s Link: GUI Gallery


Friday’s Link for this week is the Graphical User Interface Gallery. This interesting site has descriptions and screen shots of many old and nearly forgotten GUIs and operating systems.

There are pages with descriptions and screen shots of Apple Lisa, At Ease (alternate Mac desktop), Amiga, OS/2, all versions of Windows, Norton Desktop for Windows, and my favorite, Microsoft Bob. I remember having a copy of Bob in my hands back in 1995 and wondering if I should buy it. I didn’t and, but for this web site, I would never have had the pleasure of seeing Bob and the original Rover (who is still running around in the seach boxes in Windows XP).

The GUI Gallery is a neat trip down memory lane for anyone who has used computers for any length of time. Seeing the Apple II desktop again reminded me of the many hours I spent back in the mid-eighties playing Island Apventure, a game my brother in law had on his Apple II.

Island Apventure was the first of 4 computer games that have captivated me over the years. The others are Starflight (still my all time favorite game), Sim City and Civilization. Civ IV is coming out soon and I am trying to decide if I am too old to play computer games. I hope not, because there’s no way I will be able to resist buying it.

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