It is Mathematically Impossible for Me to Care Less Whether Spotify Launches in the U.S.


I just want everyone to stop talking about it.

Nothing amuses me any more than when someone who knows someone who has a friend who knows people at Spotify cuts a fart and the entire world goes nuts claiming that the glorious sound of flatulence  means, for the thousandth time, that Spotify is just about to launch in the United States.

Look, I’m a tech blogger, a music blogger, a songwriter and musician and a huge music fan.  So demographically speaking, no one should be more excited about Spotify than me.  But, after all the half-starts, bluster and overreactions, I could not possibly express how little I care if Spotify launches or doesn’t or if the whole thing is some long con by the Onion.

I just don’t care.  Either launch or don’t.  But please, please, please…stop talking about launching.  Really.

But today, there was more.  A possibly off-hand comment by an anonymous music industry “executive” (what does that even mean in 2011) causes the entire internet to grab its collective headphone and proclaim that this, finally, may be the day the music is reincarnated.  It was a virtual conga line, over nothing more than the latest unattributed hint that maybe one day Spotify will actually be available on this side of the Atlantic.

For what it’s worth (and I hate to talk about Spotify in the US as if it’s anything more than  vaperware), I don’t think it’s too late.  Pandora’s six skips an hour limit is killing me (mainly because on connected DVD players, at least, it seems to be per hour of playing time, as opposed to an hour of real time).  I love Slacker’s caching and unlimited skips, but the mix I get with Slacker isn’t as good as on Pandora.  I’d rather yank out my ear drums with rusty pliers than use Rhapsody, and I don’t know what MOG is.

Spotify could be huge.  If it ever happens.

Until then, can we all shut up about it?