Enjoying the Last Weekend of the Summer

My kids are in full bummed-out mode now, with school starting for two of them on Wednesday and for the third next Monday.  I remember the feeling- it’s like a massive case of the Sunday night work blues.

We decided to squeeze the last drop of fun out of the summer break, by going to Lost Pines for a long weekend.

We had a great time, swimming in the lazy river, rafting (and swimming, accidently or otherwise) on the Colorado River, rock climbing, riding a zip line, playing Pay Me, and hanging out with our friends the Fenrichs and the Veldmans.

Lost Pines-112
Christina, Delaney, Remy, Cassidy & Raina

Here’s Delaney and Cassidy climbing the rock wall at McKinney Roughs Nature Park.  They were the first two up.


Lost Pines-48

The group, just before we rafted on the Colorado.

After climbing up the rock wall, Cassidy, Delaney and Raina rode the zip line.


Tech Note:  There’s some serious weirdness with the video on Delaney’s first jump.  I don’t know if this is a glitch in the iPhone camera or the program I use to convert the Quicktime files to MP4s.  This video incompatibility business is really irritating.

After we climbed, rowed and zipped, we relaxed around the pool, and played tag in the lazy river.

Lost Pines-17 Lost Pines-32

We had a lot of fun.

Now, back to the grind. . .