Get Your Crying Towel Out

Because this is absolutely beautiful.



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Like Rustlers, Like Outlaws, Like Thieves

I was in San Antonio yesterday, living the blessed life, on what would have been Woody Guthrie‘s 100th birthday.  It was a great time, particularly since I didn’t turn on a TV, radio or computer the entire time, thereby getting a respite from the everybody hates everybody else spinfest that passes for news in our hijacked culture.

On the way out, we stopped by The Cove (highly recommended; best fish tacos I’ve ever tasted) for an excellent gospel brunch with Miss Nessie & the Ear Food Orchestra (as an aside, why can’t they play music like this at church, in lieu of those spirit killing, hundred year old, so-called hymns?).


One of the many, many great songs they played was Give God the Blues:

God don’t hate the Muslims
God don’t hate the Jews
God don’t hate the Christians
But we all give God the Blues.


Here’s the thing.  The Republican Party isn’t going to save us.  The Democrats aren’t going to save us.  God knows (I believe this, literally) exclusionary organized religion is not going to save us.  Hating someone who doesn’t look like you or believe what you believe sure as hell isn’t going to save us.

The only thing that might save us is ourselves.  By understanding and embracing the fact that we are all people.  And realizing that life isn’t about just taking as much as you can from everyone and everything you can.

Here’s a fantastic cover of a great Woody Guthrie song to help us get started.

Carry on.