Life in the Fast Lane: Adios Load Hogs

Now that I’m all into minimalism and whatnot, I decided to clean out my study.


And my blog.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a substantial increase in the load-time for Newsome.Org.  The culprits change from time to time.  One of them was Wibya, which I dumped several weeks ago.  Another was Lijit, the blog search application I have used for years.  I like the way it shows you what people are searching for, and where- geographically- they came from.  But if the page never finishes loading, no one can search it.

So today I gave Lijit the boot.  In favor of a good old Google site search.  Sure, some of the tracking data is gone, but the script loads quickly.  And results are shown right on the page, as opposed to a separate window.  It seems fast, and bare.  I dig that.

Facebook seems to drag a little too.  I haven’t dumped the “Like” button yet, but it is on my watch list.  My new mantra: be fast or be gone.

I’ve used the Yahoo Media Player for years and years.  I hope it doesn’t die with the rest of Yahoo.  Fast and lean replacement suggestions are appreciated.

And then there’s Disqus.  It seems to drag a little sometimes.  My love of its features and my dread at the prospect of replacing it without losing thousands of comments lead me to hang on, for now.

I want things fast and simple.  There are very few features worth the wait of a slow-loading page.

Oh, and I got a new backpack to tote my gear around.  It’s much better than the old diaper bag backpack I was using.  And now that I’m using a MacBook Air, there’s no poop of any kind in it.


Fast.  And lean.  That’s the ticket.