Antisocial Networking, Foursquare & the Binary Filter

Fellow Houston tech blogger and Houston Chronicle writer Dwight Silverman told me today that he was unfollowing me on Twitter, because he finds my Foursquare Twitter updates irritating.


No worries, Dwight.  But as a student of human nature and social networking, I thought about this some while I was having lunch (after checking in on Foursquare of course).

First, some stats to put this in perspective.  I have checked-in with Foursquare exactly 35 times since February 12, when I joined.  That’s slightly more than once every other day.  I have become Mayor of 5 locations, for a total of 40 Foursquare-related Tweets.  Of my 2,871 Tweets, approximately one percent have been Foursquare related.  So while there are probably plenty of reasons not to follow me on Twitter, Foursquare is not one of them.

In fact, I think Foursquare is social networking at its finest.  Unlike Twitter, where people mostly toss links at each other, Foursquare actually provides the opportunity to truly network- as in see people in real life.  When you check-in at a location, you can see who is already there.  If that’s not networking, and this is, then I am seriously confused.

I may be kicked off this list if I mention that
I’m on my way to the Galleria Apple Store.

Other than a passing thought that maybe the relatively few Houston tech bloggers with any sort of web presence ought to stick together, I don’t care whether Dwight, or anyone else, follows me or not.  By no means am I a committed Twitter writer or reader.  I’m not offended- just curious. 

I also understand the need to manage and filter your content stream.  Farmville single-handedly caused me to become an expert on Facebook filters (Facebook, unlike Twitter, is very interactive, once you filter out all the noise).

The obvious lesson here is that Twitter needs to implement key word filters.  I’m sure it will at some point.  In the meantime, we all develop our own binary filters, in or out.  I certainly don’t understand Dwight’s filter for Twitter streams, but that’s OK.  The great thing about these services is that we can all create our own recipe for consumption.  Dwight has his, I have mine, you have yours.

It’s all cool.

Not nearly as cool as becoming the Mayor of Skeeter’s, though.


Now I’m off to the Apple Store.  I need to buy a cable, and see if I can oust the Mayor.

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