Chill About Delicious Already





I really don’t get all the outrage about Yahoo shuttering or maybe, in a show of how to be swayed by the sound of nerds crying, selling bookmarking site Delicious.  Anyone who is surprised by this development hasn’t been paying much attention- or using much Delicious.

Delicious  was marginally robust back in 2005 when Yahoo bought it.  If it has improved in any meaningful way in the 5 years since, I certainly can’t tell.  Evolving technology is a fast moving process.  Let anything sit dormant for half a decade and it’s already dead.  Taking it offline is just the funeral.

I also don’t buy the argument that bazillions of people still heavily rely on Delicious.  I tried to use it as my primary bookmarking app, but the fact that I had to manually make every bookmark private was a buzz and deal killer for me.  So while I’m sure a lot of people have accounts, I question how active they are.    I still have a Delicious account.  I also still have an AOL account.  I use them about the same amount- almost never.

Not only is Delicious dated, both in look and in features, but there are a million better alternatives to store and share bookmarks.  I use the built-in synching in Chrome for most bookmarks and Google Reader for the few I want to share.

So, yes, Yahoo is a mess.  If you want to skip the crying over spilled links and really understand why, here’s the place to start (as an aside, I consider that post validation of my myth of the endless advertising dollar sermon that I gave for years until I grew bored with the whole internet non-business plan fiasco).

Would I care if Yahoo disappeared tomorrow?  Maybe a little.  Competition is good, and so to the extent I still believe (only a little) that Yahoo is competition for Google, I want it to stick around.  I also think My Yahoo is the best personal news portal option- much better than iGoogle.  But I would only morn the loss for an hour or so.

Yahoo Pipes is the most impressive Yahoo technology, but no one, probably not even Yahoo, remembers that it isn’t already in the Deadpool.

Flickr is the only Yahoo service I rely on heavily.  Google should seize this opportunity to put another nail in Yahoo’s coffin by fixing Picasa.  I doubt it will, though, because Google is busy on a lot of other stuff (hopefully including sending me a Cr48).

At the end of the post, I hope Yahoo can make it, but if it doesn’t, all that means for most of us is a couple of hours moving our photos somewhere else.

But no matter what, the loss of Delicious is not a blow to the internet.  Not even a small one.