Self Portrait, 1945

Life in the Ant Farm

(by and via Hugh)

I think I see a lot of people I know in there, probably because I have been their neighbor at times.  I suspect there will be psychology text books written one day analyzing the evolution of the blogosphere as the greatest social experiment of this century.

And we’re still in the hunter gatherer stage.

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Very Cool Favicons Mashup


Thomas Hawk made a really cool thing. He took the most recent 320 websites he’s visited that have a favicon, grabbed a screenshot of the Firefox tab displaying the favicon and put them all together in this amazing image.

Very cool. And, yes, I am honored that Newsome.Org is one of the websites in the image. Thomas is a cool guy, a great writer and my favorite photographer. I am pleased that he has visited here.

You can access a larger version via Thomas’s post.

Cassidy is a Published Artist

Cassidy is now a published artist! One of her drawings appears in a new children’s book called Just Me. It is a really neat parenting book written from a child’s perspective. I have read almost all of it and it is both touching and informative. It’s not written by a child- it’s written by a wife and mom from Houston. It is very well written and highly recommended, for both the words and the art!

Here are pictures of the cover of the book and Cassidy’s drawing that appears on page 62.