Google +1 Plus Google Apps Equals Nothing


The internets are all worked up today over the release of Google’s latest attempt to be meaningful in the social networking arena: Google’s +1 button.  It sort of reminds me of the excitement over the soon to be shuttered Google Wave, which was actually an awesome application, and the probably soon to be shuttered Google Buzz, which isn’t.

Being deeply in love with most things Google, most particularly the Chrome browser, I’d love to give +1 a try.  Except that I can’t.  Once again Google Apps users- yes, some of whom (not me, yet) are paying customers- are left out of the premiere party.

No worries says Google, again- Apps users will soon have the ability to use Google Profiles, and +1.  Soon may be a relative thing, however, given that Apps users still can’t use Buzz, over a year later.

Look, I realize this is not a huge deal.  But here’s the thing.  I would venture that Apps users are among the most loyal Google users.  People who would jump right in and do their part to kick-start just about any new Google app.  I know that, like a digital vampire, I have turned every Internet Explorer and Firefox user I can find into the walking Chrome.

I don’t understand why Google can’t roll features out to all users- including its most avid- at the same time.

I’d love to write about using +1.  Instead, I’m writing about the fact that I can’t use +1.  That’s a lose, lose equation.

Anyone want to +1 me up, since I can’t play?