Can’t You See

“That duality—another great Southern rock band, the Drive-By Truckers, would later call it “the duality of the Southern thing”—that ability to both celebrate and lament the South, is ever present in the music of the Marshall Tucker Band, and it’s that duality, that complexity that won’t allow me to write them off as just another rock band. Amid all the flash and noise, amid the reactionary politics and fading glory, what they knew—the original band, the band before they gave way to all the things that rock bands so often give way to—is that there are at least two parts to everything: what we hope for and what we fear.”

I Make of You What I Will, at the Oxford American.

A must-read, for everyone.

She Said No, They Were Horses

A waitress asked me what I did
I told her I tried to make art

She asked me if I made any money
I said, no I have to teach to do that
She asked me what I taught and where
I told her

She told me she liked art
But that she couldn’t draw a straight line
I told her if she could reach for something and pick it up
She could draw a line
That was straight enough

Terry Allen. From Lubbock, in Texas.