(Some of) Rural America Dislikes Trump Too

Rural Americans posting on social media in six swing states are getting through the coronavirus pandemic with humor, clear-headedness and, surprisingly, by dissing Donald Trump, according to a rural-focused Democratic organization.

from The Daily Yonder

I’ve been saying for years that there are a lot more progressives, and progressive blends, in rural America than many city-dwellers think. I’m pretty far to the left, yet I have guns, spend much of my time in the woods, and hunt and fish. There are a lot of others out here with similar views, and combinations thereof.

There are a lot of Republicans and conservatives, as well. But not a ton of obvious Trump supporters. Sadly, the ranch one over from mine has a giant Trump flag on constant display. I cannot imagine why anyone would do that, other than as a giant middle finger to those of us who value everything Trump is not (logical, mature, Presidential, coherent, that sort of thing). I suspect they’d say it’s because he’s some combination of Republican, conservative, and Christian. He’s none of the above, but whatever.

But that’s sort of the exception. I see a smattering of Trump signs on fences and in yards, but not all that many.

Rural America is a complex place. We don’t all see things the same way, and we aren’t all glued to Fox News.

Thank goodness.

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