W3C, Big Media, Cats and Bags

The EME-DRM war wages on, while those of us who just want Flash and Silverlight to die long-overdue deaths and to continue watching videos in our browsers await our fate.

It’s difficult to imagine that any content distributors that are currently distributing unprotected media are going to start using DRM merely because there’s a W3C-approved framework for doing so.

The usually reliable Ars Technica.

Are you kidding?  That’s exactly what’s going to happen.  Big media companies are conscripting the mostly powerless W3C in their war to stuff the cat back into the bag.  And anyone who doesn’t think opportunistic content providers will take advantage of the destruction of the open web is dreaming.

Time will tell how this war plays out, but it looks to me like consumers will be the casualties.

The EFF has a good FAQ, for those who want to see what’s at stake.