Reclaiming Southern Pride


“Symbols matter, but the South as a region is far too nuanced to be fittingly represented by a Civil War battle flag with a contentious history. Southerners who agree have a responsibility to move into a new era, and to reclaim “Southern pride.” Because if the Confederate flag is my only means of displaying my Southern pride, then the South has already lost me.

Source: Reclaiming Southern Pride—Without the Confederate Flag – The Atlantic (a very, very good article).

Amen.  I love the south, but show me someone who displays the confederate flag in 2015 and I’ll show you someone who may or may not be a racist, but is definitely acting like one.

I agree with Steve Earle.

There are lots of reasons to be proud to be from the south.  But hanging on to a symbol of the past that simply cannot be reconciled with the present is not one of them.