Don’t Get Too Excited About this Outlook on Your Wrist Business

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When the web goes nuts over some new app, device or feature that works, but only for a small portion of the potential universe of users, I wonder if the people going nuts are unaware of the limitation or just ignoring it for headlines.

Such is the case with the new Outlook app that might be able to give you Outlook functionality on your Apple Watch.  First a question:

What percentage of Apple Watch wearing, iPhone enthusiasts choose to use Outlook, and what percentage of such people have to use it because it’s on their locked-down, corporate Windows computer?  I’d say very few of the former and a ton of the latter.  In fact, find me a Mac user who voluntarily chooses to use Outlook, and I’ll devote an entire podcast to learning why.  The large, large majority of iPhone users who use Outlook are doing so because they have to.

And they have to because their companies require it.  And those companies lock-down both their desktop computers and the mobile devices used by their employees.  Which means that a whole lot of the folks who eagerly install the Outlook app on their iPhones and excitedly log-in in anticipation of replying to Outlook emails from their Apple Watch are going to get this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.40.24 AM

So, if you’re on a locked-down corporate system, don’t get too excited about Outlook on your wrist, because it’s probably not going to happen.

One thought on “Don’t Get Too Excited About this Outlook on Your Wrist Business

  1. I am required to work on a locked down Lenovo and spend my day in Outlook. I installed outlook on my phone which sent an approval request to my IT department to approve it. A new guy in my IT department must have seen “outlook” as a request and approved it for me. It is an extremely functional iPhone app and I really use it all the time. IT is intuitive and functional and has great left and right swiping capabilities. I have tried to encourage co-workers to install it and some have met resistance from my IT department so i lay low now. I just received the watch app and exploring how to use it.

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