CarPlay Will Be a Requirement for My Next Vehicle


“The big question is, are the auto companies are willing to partner with Apple in this way?”

via Understanding Apple’s Car Strategy | Re/code.

I drive a 7-year-old Toyota Tundra.  I like it.  When my 14-year-old turns 16, she will likely inherit this truck and I’ll get a new one.  When that happens, there are two guarantees.  One, it will be another pickup truck.  Two, it will have Apple CarPlay.

I’m not the least bit interested in an Apple car.  It would be some super-expensive luxury model for rich folks, and I’m a truck guy.  But I am very interested in inserting the Apple ecosystem into my vehicle.  If Toyota sticks to this idiotic decision, I guess this one will be my last Toyota.

Car makers need to stop trying to hack together their own system, and treat CarPlay as a selling point.  Few will buy a new vehicle just to get CarPlay, but I imagine CarPlay will be a distinguishing factor for a lot of people comparing similar cars and trucks.