Apple Music vs iCloud Photos


“iCloud Photos gets right everything that Apple Music gets wrong.”

via Daring Fireball, discussing a post by Marco Arment.

Amen.  It’s hard to believe the same company that makes Photos and iMovie also makes iTunes and its bolted-on appendage, Apple Music.

One of the reasons Photos is so, so much better than Apple Music is because iPhoto, for all its issues, was a pretty awesome app to begin with.  Yes, Photos is a “new” app, but my point is that Apple already had photos figured out.  Apple has never had music figured out, beyond, you know, the selling it part.  Steve Jobs wrangled the music industry, but the corral is still a hot mess.

And there’s the fact that gazillions of people are buying gazillions of songs and movies and whatnot, making Apple gazillions of dollars, and they are doing it with iTunes.  Changing out the storage room is one thing.  Remodeling the storefront is another thing altogether, sadly.