Is It Time to Rethink Password Management?


Timing is a funny thing.  I was thinking about doing a post wondering why so many of my Mac friends always yammer on about 1Password and never, ever mention LastPass.

Then I read that LastPass has been hacked.  Again.  Funny that I read this at Lifehacker, and not via an immediate email from LastPass.  It looks like others found out via Reddit.  LastPass says it’s getting around to sending out an email to its users.

Some of that I can deal with.  But then I go to reset my master password, and this happens.

click for larger view
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I know that security can be achieved without meeting every current standard out there, but if there is a time when you don’t want to read about outdated security settings, it’s when you’re trying to reset your master password on the website of your password manager which, you have just found out from a third-party, has been compromised, again.

All of the above, taken one at a time? Probably no big deal.  All of the above added together?  Time to rethink my password management plan.