How to Play Lucent Voice Player Files on Your Mac


If, like me, you have a ton of old audio files in Lucent Voice Player (.lvp) format, here’s how to access and play them on your Mac.

1. The Lucent Voice Player application (setup_lvpphone.exe) has been deprecated.  So you need to find the player, if you don’t already have a copy.  Search the file name in the parenthetical and you can find and download a copy.  Proceed with caution, and consider scanning the download for viruses, etc. before you use it.

2. Buy a copy of the Mac app CrossOver.  It’s $60, and there may be cheaper ways to run the Lucent Voice Player on a Mac, but Crossover supports lots of other Windows applications, so for me it was worth it.

3. Open the Crossover App, and select “Install a Windows Application” at the bottom of the window.


4. In the expanded list of applications, choose “Other Application,” near the bottom, under “Unsupported Applications.”

5. Choose “Select an installer,” and then Choose Installer File.


6. Navigate to and select the setup_lvpphone.exe file you downloaded in step 1.

7. Choose “Select a bottle into which to install.”  For old stuff, I use XP and for newer stuff, I use Windows 7.  Really old applications may need an older version of Windows.  Be sure to name your “bottle” at the right hand side.

8. Click “Proceed” at the bottom.

9. Follow the prompts.  These are the installation prompts you would see if you were a sad Windows user.  Click “Done” when the installation is complete.

Then you should see a Lucent Voice Player icon in your Crossover Programs window (see the top image above).  Click it, and magic happens.


From there, you can select File>Open and browse to the file you want to open.  Even better, you can right-click on an .lvp file from the Finder and choose to open the file with the Lucent Voice Player.

Problem solved.