Dictating Blog Posts on an iPad Air 2

I’m writing this blog post on my new iPad Air 2, using the WordPress iPad app and iOS 8.1’s native dictation feature.

The dictation feature is much improved. I love the way I can now see my words typed in real-time, as opposed to having to wait until I’m finished talking, click the “Done” button and wait for the iPad to process a lot of dictation at one time. I also like the way autocorrect suggests words when you tap an incorrect word. It’s still cumbersome to add links and images via the WordPress app, but blogging on a tablet is definitely getting a little easier. [Note- there was no way to search for and link to that prior post via the iPad app.  I had to save this post as a draft and add the link via my desktop computer.]

One nit I wish they would fix in the WordPress app is to add an option to insert two spaces between sentences. Like a lot of people, I learned to type that way, I think it looks better, and that’s the way I want to do it.

Photos are still hard. [Note- when you add photos via the app, it links them to the full-sized copy.  If, like me, you want no link, you have to edit the photo via the desktop, which breaks the photo embed and puts a huge, full-size photo in the post.  You have to delete it and reinsert it in the desired, unlinked size, from the desktop.]

Photos By Trail Camera

It’s getting easier to do some heavy lifting on your iPad, but we’re not quite there yet. Some of it falls on developers to take full advantage of the increased flexibility available in iOS 8. Apple needs to continue to make it easier for developers to write apps for complicated workflows and power users.

One thought on “Dictating Blog Posts on an iPad Air 2

  1. Bought the IPAD Air2 on 31 Oct 2014; returned it on 3 Nov 2014, as the system froze completely stopped operating and could not switch on or reset at. Shop gave me a new one. Today (20 Nov), took it back to the shop as the same thing happened. All the shop could say was, we will give you your money back. They were not interested and had no idea as to why 2 new IPAD Air2 have the same problem. I told them it was likely a poor batch production, but they showed little care. I have wasted time, and energy, lost everything twice and having to drive back and forth to the shop for a Apple product that is no way as stable as the IPAD 2 or IPAD 3. I wouldn’t recommend at all this IPAD Air2, until Apple have resolved this problem. Extremely disappointed.

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