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Here’s Episode 2 of the Sounds of Tech (SOT) podcast.  Tech talk for grownups, with some fantastic music thrown in for good measure.  Let’s see how we can use tech to improve our lives, save us money and make us more productive.

This episode covers how to easily dip your toe into the wonderful pool of home automation products.  In less than a half hour you’ll be well on your way to an automated, more secure- and cooler- home.

Tech topics covered

Dropcam, the easiest and most useful entry point into home automation.  Purchase at Amazon.

[Update: For some reason, when I insert videos in the show notes, the iTunes feed thinks this is a video podcast and only shows one of them.  I removed the sample Dropcam videos, but trust me, they were high quality.]

WeMo, easy remote control for lamps, lights and other appliances.  Purchase at Amazon.

App of the week: the best choice for cheap, automated computer backup.

Great songs played

One from Mercury Dime’s 1997 record Baffled Ghosts.  Purchase links:  Amazon.

One from Country Coalition’s self-titled 1970 record.  I can’t find any purchase links.  If you know one, send it to me and I’ll add it.

One from Quinaimes Band’s self-titled 1971 record.  Purchase links:  Amazon, iTunes.

More in a week.

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