Sounds of Tech, Episode 1

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Here’s Episode 1 of the Sounds of Tech (SOT) podcast.  Tech talk for grownups, with some fantastic music thrown in for good measure.  Let’s see how we can use tech to improve our lives, save us money and make us more productive.

Tech topics covered

Microsoft Office apps have been released for the iPad.  Why it’s too little, too late and not as big of a deal as it should be.

Why I use Macs, and what I miss about Windows.

App of the week: a productivity boosting journal app.

Hardware mentioned

ScanSnap scanners.

Great songs played

One from Whiskey & Co.’s  excellent 2005 self-titled record.  Purchase links:  Amazon, iTunes.

One from Magnolia Electric Company’s 2009 record, Josephine.  Purchase links:  Amazon, iTunes.

One from The Connell’s 1993 record, Ring.  Purchase links:  Amazon, iTunes.

More in a week.

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