Evening Reading: 3/7/14

The other day I posted the first photo I ever uploaded to Flickr.  Here’s the first digital photo I ever took.

first digital pic

30 Cult Movies Everyone Must See.  I’ve seen 17 of them.  Altered States and the Holy Grail are two of my all-time favorites.  The Warriors, Lost Boys, Night of the Living Dead and Rocky Horror are excellent.  Eraserhead is horrible.  People only claim to like it because somewhere along the way, it became cool to claim to like it.  Where is The Belly of an Architect on this list?

Speaking of awesome movies (the first one was on the list above), Sharknado 2 will be here on July 31!

Yet another reason why I dislike Bank of America.

Thank goodness for this.  Otherwise, my entire family (including me) would be goners.

Good.  I may lose my liberal card for saying this, but it’s a horse race between crazy people who harm kids and death row inmates for the group I have the least sympathy for.  Stated another way, were I to list the ways we should spend our time improving the earth, there would be a lot of things above helping those folks.