Evening Reading: 1/30/13

I can, sort of, understand why someone might voluntarily choose an Android phone over an iPhone.  I have a harder time understanding why someone would voluntarily chose a Windows Phone, but I can get there.  But I cannot in my wildest dreams understand why someone would voluntarily choose a Blackberry. Here’s a good review of the new (years too late) handset.

I gave up my virtualization software when I finally admitted that my Windows Live Writer days were behind me.  But if I hadn’t, I would read every word of this.  If you have a Mac and want to run Windows programs, start there.

I guess there’s some part of me that is a little old lady in disguise, because I have to tell you that I would never, ever buy something off of Craigslist.  Sorry, but the whole place seems like a scam for all.


So Iran sent a monkey to space.  Space monkey, space monkey, whatcha doin’ up there….

My buddy Will wants to go hunting, but he doesn’t like guns.  So he wants to use a slingshot.  OK.  We can do that.  Here’s one.

Here’s some dude named Abe’s list of 50 essential science fiction books.  I can’t list 50, but the Hyperion Cantos, the Pelbar Cycle and Star Man’s Son would be at the top.