Evening Reading: 1/5/13

Slow weekend day, but a few things worth a read.

See anyone you recognize?

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How-To Geek (great site) has tutorials on how to do a lot of stuff computer stores overcharge you for doing.  A must read for all geezers.

If your kid is too obsessed with video games, here’s a novel approach.

Still can’t believe I bought one of those

I was too kind in my pretty harsh criticism of the Surface RT.  It sucks completely.  Now I can’t even get it to update apps the first or fifth try.  Before long, it will go in the secret drawer of horrible purchases.  With this.  And this (I still can’t believe I bought that).  If anyone wants to buy a lightly used surface RT, make me an offer.  I’ll trade it for just about anything of roughly equal value.

Speaking of Microsoft, Paul has a theory on why Windows 8 is stumbling out the gate.