Evening Reading: 1/3/13

Just when you (and I) thought it would never happen, another Evening Reading post.  I hope it’s a trend.  We’ll see.  Last time I resolved to start doing them again, it went sort of like this.


I care very little about watches.  Apple could change that.  The best thing about an Apple watch?  I would never, ever have to figure out how to set the time (I gave up on the date years ago) on my Citizen Eco-Drive.  If Apple makes a watch, I hope it’s prettier than this.

I am still looking for the killer Mac scanning and document management solution.  Here’s another possibility.

Mo Dern Ruins:  Great photos of abandoned structures in Iceland.

Actually there were eight.  This guy got left off the list.

Teens of people still think they own the knewsome@gmail.com email address. Here’s the latest of the many emails I get that are to someone else using that email address.  How in the world does Google let this happen?

Hey Tonya,

You recently registered for Facebook.  To complete your Facebook registration, follow this link….

The Facebook Team

I kid you not, while I was typing the paragraph above, I got another email addressed to another person who thinks their email address is knewsome@gmail.com.  This one is from good ol’ Brother Bailey.  He needs some volunteers for some sort of convention.  Crazy.

I’ve lived around Bobcats much of my life and have seen maybe three.  That might be a good thing.  This is one bad boy (or girl).

Sometimes the internet facilitates wonderful things.

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