Fitbit Weekly Stats: 12/20/12

Pretty good week. The floor counts are wrong. Fitbit is great at tracking sleep, very good at tracking steps and miles, and terrible at tracking stairs. In no way. shape or form did I have a 50 floor day this week. Or ever.


As noted, I dig my Fitbit.  Highly recommended for anyone doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

One thought on “Fitbit Weekly Stats: 12/20/12

  1. I love my fitbit! Keep in mind that it doesn’t track “stairs” perse but will log for elevations climbed. For every 10 feet you climb it logs a stair count. If you walk up a hill that covers 20 feet of elevation by the time you get to the top you will have 2 stair counts logged. It doesn’t count if you are moving up but not actually walking like elevators. For the most part I find it very acurate with stairs.

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