Evening Reading: 4/20/12

Here’s today’s evening reading. The most interesting things I read today, a cool picture and the overheard quote of the day.


Now I know why so many of my cool videos are blocked in Germany: YouTube faces massive music royalty bill in German copyright case.  More from the always read-worthy, TechDirt: Totally Clueless German Court Says ContentID Isn’t Good Enough, YouTube Must Block Infringement By Keywords

I actually use my Chumby, unlike 90% of the other ridiculous gadgets I have bought on impulse: Chumby halts hardware sales, long-term support looking mighty unlikely

So I guess this means I can eat whatever I want, since I’m a goner anyway: He Who Sits the Most Dies the Soonest

Great walk-through by the creator of one of the best shows on TV: Graham Yost walks us through Justified’s third season

Who cares?  Seriously, dogs, cats, ferrets and whatnot do not need to ride next to me on a dadgum plane : Be Ready For A Hassle When Flying With Your Snub-Nosed Dog

Google+ is a ghost town for the average user not named Scoble, but a mention of Yahoo Pipes (the best thing Yahoo ever did) makes me love this post: 4 Ways To Get Your Google Plus RSS Feeds

OQOTD: “How appropriate! Willie Nelson’s statue unveiled at 4:20 on 4/20.”

Bonus video:  The awesome Bill Nye dancing to his theme song AND performing She Blinded Me with Science.