I Want to Punch Li Wang in the Face

scammmmActually, if there is such a Li Wang, he is probably a victim in this.  So I guess I want to punch the person pretending to be Li Wang in the face.  Hard.  Over and over.

I thought that ridiculous letter from the so-called National Deed Service was going to forever hold the record for the most ludicrous thing to hit my mailbox.  Not so.

Look at what I got today.  Post marked Santa Clarita, CA.


Click for a larger version of this lame scam attempt

I don’t know who pisses me off more, the person who sends this crap or the idiots who fall for it enough times to make it worth a stamp. I would have a hard time generating any sympathy for someone who falls for this. 

Particularly since a simple Google search shows that this isn’t even an original scam attempt.