Apptic Storm: Video Camera (the App) Gives You One Stop Video Production- on Your iPhone


I’m about to save you some time, and make your mobile videos a lot more interesting.


If you have any interest whatsoever in filming anything at all on your iPhone, you need to buy Video Camera from i4software.  All the creativity they did not use when thinking up that name was spent making an amazingly simple but powerful app that lets you edit video while you film it, compile clips, create transitions, add music and credits and then share it with a single click.  All from your iPhone.

Here’s a test video I made within the first 5 minutes after I bought the app.

The point is not that this is a great film.  It’s not.  The point is that the film is 2 minutes long and took about three minutes, total, to make.  Then I uploaded it to YouTube, right from the app.

You can even use multiple iOS devices and combine the clips into a single project.  There are some helpful tutorials to get you started here.

Video Camera (I’m guessing the developer’s dog’s name is Dog) costs $8.00, which is a lot in app dollars.  But it’s a screaming bargain when you see how easy it is to make and share videos.

The experience is not perfect.  I had some crashes, especially when re-editing a saved project.  The audio import function doesn’t play well with iCloud (the iCloud based songs show up on the list but cannot be imported).

Video Camera will record in 1080- be sure to go to the settings and increase the quality right away.  But my video exported to YouTube in 360p.  That’s not good enough.  I could probably import the less compressed video via my iMac, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

There’s some work to be done, but for quick and easy video projects, Video Camera is just about perfect.