Who Cares About TechCrunch, HuffPo is Ruining TV Squad!

OK, it’s a little sad that the Huffington Post’s assault on AOL (or more accurately, AOL’s assault on its own future) got everyone’s collective panties all atangle and led to just about everyone at TechCrunch quitting (Sarah Perez, one of my favorite bloggers, is apparently hanging in there).  But once Mike Arrington split, all the best blogospats were fought elsewhere anyway.

I can handle the demise of TechCrunch.

What really gets in my craw is the systematic dismantling of my one-time favorite television blog- TV Squad.

At some point, I noticed that AOL, who acquired TV Squad as part of its Weblogs acquisition, had rebranded TV Squad as AOL TV.  That was certainly an omen of bad things to come.  But for a short while, business seemed to go on more or less as usual.

Lately, however, I have noticed an onslaught of Huffpo branding and vibe, as TV Squad-cum-AOL TV is once again rebranded as Huffpost TV.  A name is a name, but the vibe is a buzz kill.  Lots of quantity.  Less quality.

And now this.


An article about the upcoming TV mid-season shows.  Only not an article really- more like an exercise in needless clicking.  You could offer to tell me all about the secret to eternal life and infinite wealth, and I would not click 39 times to read it.  Really.

I don’t want this.  I want the old TV Squad.  I’ll settle for the old AOL TV.  I’m not going to get it.  But I’m not going to read Huffpost TV either.

Anyone have a recommendation for a good TV news and episode review blog?

2 thoughts on “Who Cares About TechCrunch, HuffPo is Ruining TV Squad!

  1. hitfix.com, and particularly their “what’s Alan watching” blog by the amazing Alan Sepinwall is my favorite spot for episode recaps and tv news.

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