Crazy Stats: AOL Edition


This post has a soundtrack (trust me, it’s worth it).  If you don’t have Spotify, go get it.

I wondered in passing the other day if you could still log on to AOL.  I was pretty sure you couldn’t.  Now I’m less sure.

Because in a mind-boggling statistic, it turns out that AOL still has 3.5 million dial-up subscribers.  I kid you not when I admit that I didn’t think there were 3.5 million people in A who still use dial-up to go OL.

In another mind-boggling statistic, the average AOL user has been a customer for over 10 years.  This makes one wonder how many of those people actually use AOL any longer.  I paid for AOL long after I quit using it, because it was an automatic charge on a credit card, and I wasn’t paying enough attention.

Being the inquisitive cat that I am, I did some intensive Google work and found that, yes, AOL is still hawking its dial-up service.


There are a few questionable dishes on the premium menu, but if you have to have dial-up, $10.00 a month for unlimited access is pretty good.

Or you could, you know, move.  Or camp out at Starbucks.

And one more thing: AOL actually gained 200,000 new dial-up subscribers last quarter.

Maybe we can get CompuServe back while we’re at it.  It has a great Sports Simulations forum back in the day.