About all that Google+ Traffic

So Mashable reports that Google+ traffic has increased massively since Google opened it up to everyone other than Google Apps users.

Great.  Happy for you.  Hope you’re having a ball.


But I have three questions.  Actually two and a rant.  Let’s get the rant out of the way.

Can someone explain to me one good reason why Google continues to deny Google Apps users the ability to participate in so many of its offerings?  Because a few companies use Google Apps is not a good reason.  You could make Google+ an option, and let the admins (and ass-backwards corporate IT policy) decide.  I’m really starting to pull against Google, purely out of some combination of anger, sadness and confusion.  Yes, and jealousy.

Now for my questions.

One, how many of the deluge of Google+ users are non-geeks?  Facebook has long held a virtual monopoly on non-geeks.  You know, that 98% of your real world friends who don’t build their own computers or jailbreak their iPhones.  Just about everyone I know uses Facebook to one extent or another- that’s why I ultimately capitulated and started using it.  I don’t know a single non-geek who uses Google+.  Of course, since I’m locked out, there may be a huge group of regular people over there, networking away while I check over and over to see if I can finally join the party.

Two, how sticky is it?  I’m sure tons of people sign up.  But what percentage of those people become regular users?  I really have no idea the answer, but I think the answer would be a good indication of how much of a threat to Facebook Google+ is.  At least so far.

If I ever get to use Google+, I’ll hope it thrives, because nothing is as good for the consumer as competition.  Well, except access.

Access would be pretty good.

2 thoughts on “About all that Google+ Traffic

  1. I feel the EXACT same way. Frankly, I’ve had lots of people follow me, most of whom I don’t know and all of whom are working in technology in some way or another. Even the people I DO know on there are tech people. Frankly, I’m at a loss to think of anyone on there who isn’t at least moderately tech savvy.

  2. I manage gApps accounts for about a dozen agencies and schools. A tool like G+ could be a huge asset where teachers are wanting to teach social networking in a semi-controlled environment. I agree it’s ridiculous G doesn’t roll out tools like Wave, Buzz, G+ to their Apps customers first.

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