Extreme Irony: Apple II Emulator Edition

You just can’t make stuff like this up.

I have raved for years about how much I loved Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure, back in the 80’s.  My long lost brother in law and best man Garry turned me on to the four computer games that dominated my interest like no others.  Odyssey, Star Flight, Sim City and Civilization.

Here I am, with my only semi-long lost cousin Janet, rocking some Odyssey in December of 1985.

So, this afternoon, while messing around on my new iMac and feeling all smug, I came across Virtual Apple.  They have tons of old Apple games you can play right from your browser.  I looked, and lo and behold, there was my digital grail.


So I happily prepared myself to relive the glory of exploring the Sargalo Sea.

But, no.  Because the Apple II emulator plugin only works in…Windows.  So I had to open Chrome, in Windows 7 via Parallels.  After which it worked perfectly.

Awesome.  Really.


But at least I got to fight and lose to a wandering wizard and his apprentices.


7 thoughts on “Extreme Irony: Apple II Emulator Edition

  1. Virtual Apple works just fine in OSX. You just need to follow the instructions and copy the plugin into the correct directory. Or just use the java plugin. Not rocket science. Just instructions.

  2. Since you mentioned instructions, from the Virtual Apple FAQ:

    ” if you are running an Apple ][gs program, then you need to install the plugin for the emulator. Keep in mind that the ActiveGS plugin is only for windows based browsers. (Firefox and Internet Explorer).”

  3. I just removed the plugin from my system.  I then started up Safari, tried to load a game and got the following “instructions”:

    “Installation Procedure for Safari 5.1 (Mac)

    Download ….. and unzip it into /Library/Internet Plug-Ins”

    BTW, once you follow the “instructions” it will work with Firefox as well.

    Also from the main page:

    “About the plugin
    The new ActiveGS plugin is compatible with most browsers on both Mac OS X 10.5/6.x and PC Windows 2K and newer.  You will need to install the plugin in order to use the games on this site.  Joystick control is through the mouse / touchpad.”

    Clearly the FAQ is out of date.

  4. Don’t forget to restart your browser, and worse case you could have always clicked the “java” version on the right side.

  5. I’ll try it with Safari.  I use Chrome, and after installing the plug-in it still didn’t work.  That’s what sent me to the FAQ.  When I saw that note in the FAQ, I tried under Parallels, and it did work.

    At the end of the day, I’m just happy to have access to these old games.

  6. I just tested Chrome.  The pluging still works.  I didn’t test the instructions for Chrome.  So if you install the plugin into /Library/Internet Plugins, then you can use Safari, FF, or Chrome on OS/X.

    BTW, ActiveGS also runs on the iPad.  But you’ll need the App from the App store.

  7. OK, when I install the plug-in, it is putting the files in /Library/Application Support/Chrome/Extensions.  See:


    Nothing is installed in /Library/Internet Plugins, and the games still don’t work.  Do I just copy those folders over to the Internet Plugins folder?  When I install the plug-in, it doesn’t give me the option to change the install location.

    Thanks for your help.

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