A Grateful Dead Gem, Discovered 40 Years Later

Grateful Dead  Tomorrow Is Forever 9 26 72  YouTube

I’ve been listening to the Grateful Dead since I was old enough to scrape a few dollars together and find my way to the nearest record store.  I named my first child after a Grateful Dead song.  I listen to the Grateful Dead channel 75% of the time I’m driving.  I have a recurring and wonderful dream that I am in the band, playing on stage sometime during the Europe ’72 era.  In other words, I am a committed fan.  I thought I’d heard every song they’ve ever recorded.

But, as it turns out, I hadn’t.  Because tonight, on the way home from work, something wonderful happened.


It’s a special treat to hear a new Grateful Dead song.  Even if it was recorded almost 40 years ago.  Is this really a cover of the Porter Wagoner song? Apparently so.

And it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long, long time.

It’s not on Spotify (the Porter Wagoner version is).  No luck on Amazon.

A little research indicates that this show was in Jersey City, NJ.  It was in the second set, between The Greatest Story Ever Told and Truckin’.

Here’s the entire set, via Archive.Org.


2 thoughts on “A Grateful Dead Gem, Discovered 40 Years Later

  1. I came late to the Dead I missed Jerry altogether. Furthur is just not the same.
    Sure the songs are the same but the soul has gone missing.

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