How to Integrate Facebook into a WordPress Blog


Following up on my surprising, even to me, change of heart regarding Facebook, I’ve added some more Facebook integration at Newsome.Org.  Here’s what I have done, how you can do it with your WordPress blog, and how your picture can instantly appear right over there.   ——>


I’ve used the AddtoAny plugin for some time.  It appears at the bottom of each post and allows readers to instantly share my posts to Facebook (Friend me if we are), Twitter (follow me via that link) and just about every other social network, with just the click of a button.


A couple of caveats.

I hate the way the plugin adds the marketing plug to the end of items you share on Twitter.  I always delete it before hitting the final Tweet button.


Finally, be sure to add this important code to the Additional Options blank in the plugin settings, to avoid an annoying privacy glitch.

1. Open the AddtoAny Settings menu (found under Plugins)

2. Scroll down to the text box labeled Additional Options

3. Add the following text:

var a2a_config = a2a_config || {};
a2a_config.no_3p = 1;

Facebook Likes

It is much, much easier for a reader to Like a post via a one-click button than it is to go through the Sharing process.  For this reason, I think a Facebook Like button is a mandatory addition to blogs.

It’s not easy to manually add the required code to the various WordPress files.  Fortunately for WordPress users, there is a handy plugin that does it for you.  Why not test it out at the top of this post.  Come on!  It will be fun.

Facebook Activity

The third prong of my Facebook implementation involved adding a Facebook Activity widget that will show who has Shared or Liked my posts.  See the box in the right hand column?  If you click the Like button at the top of a post or Share any post via the AddtoAny plugin described above, your name and photo will appear in that box.

Right now, it’s all me, which is sort of lame.  So add your picture there and help beautify Newsome.Org!

It’s really easy to add this feature.  Just go to the Facebook plugin page, get your code and add that code in the desired place.  With my WordPress theme, it’s a simple matter of creating a text widget called Facebook Activity and inserting the code.  If you run into any problems leave a question in the Comments and I’ll try to help.

That’s it, for now.  Do you have any ideas for adding Facebook connectivity to a blog?

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