Maybe PC World Should Rethink the Whole Self-Censoring Thing

Maybe PC World needs to think about a little self-censoring itself, as opposed to proclaiming, based on perhaps the most unscientific poll ever by Mashable,  that netizens (awesome word) oppose Craigslist self-censorship.

Here’s the news reader (crappy partial feed) entry for the PC World story about Craigslist’s so-called self-censorship.  There are so many tracking links, ad server calls and whatnot embedded in the link that it took me about 6 tries to get the article page to load.


In the meantime, I decided I’d click on one of the links sitting there, without comment, at the bottom of the (crappy partial) feed.

The noted link takes you to a page on something called Shyftr (which I vaguely recall reading about a year or two ago), where you can get lots of great, thoughtful commentary on the selected topic.  Really impressive stuff like this.


That’s the kind of thing I just can’t get enough of.  Who needs the New York Times when there’s this sort of thing just a click or two away?

And, there’s more.  Under Videos, you can browse through all sorts of thought-provoking, supposedly related videos.


Like the one noted above, for example.



And, if that’s not enough, there’s a helpful list of “Related Keywords” at the bottom of the page.

That is one big heaping example of awesome.  Not.

It looks like the path from PC World to Shyftr goes through one of the endless ad servers, in this case  I’m guessing that PC World is using Pheedo to serve ads (we certainly need more of those) in its RSS feed, and Shyftr is buying some of those ad spots.

Still, you can’t ignore the beautiful irony of this.