Tech for Grownups: The Blog That Will Make You a Windows Expert

Well, along with Newsome.Org of course. . .

Is Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows.  No, not widows, grandma.  That’s eHarmony.  We’re talking about Windows.  As in tech.  As in that operating system that runs the computer you- and I- wish you knew how to use better.


I spend a lot of time trying to explain to people, many of whom still view the wheel as a mind-boggling and somewhat dangerous advance in technology, how much easier their lives would be if they learned just a little bit about their computers.  As a result, I spend a fair amount of time looking for other people who can explain that for me.

If I was an alien, well, I’d go straight to Arizona and make all of those xenophobes watch this episode of South Park over and over.  But if I was the sort of alien with a flying saucer, I’d kidnap Paul and my buddy Ed Bott and conduct other-worldly experiments on  them by making them teach all of my relatives how to use their computers.

image No, Gigi, not Bowser – that’s a Mario Kart character.  Browser.  As in to browse.  No Sharon, your identity won’t be stolen the second you click on that little blue e.  That sort of thing.

Then I’d have a lot more free time to play Words With Friends on my game-changing iPad.

Anyway, Paul’s site is a virtual classroom for everything Windows.  In addition to a ton of very informative posts, he answers reader questions once a week.

“Dear Paul,  I went on the internet yesterday and today my throat hurts.  Do I need to update my anti-virus program?  If so, should I use  Google or Duncan Hines?  Love, Aunt Anne.”

Paul focuses a lot on Windows, but his site covers all sorts of tech.  It’s a must read for everyone, especially those who rely on me for tech support.

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