A Good Day for the Folders

Yesterday was a great day for those of us who like to organize our content the sane, logical way- in folders.  I’ve never understood how anyone could argue while sober and somber that labels/tags are an acceptable alternative to folders.  In fact, the introduction of a folder-like archive management system is what initially made Better Gmail 2 the most important add-on since French fried potatoes.

image Now, the other features of Better Gmail 2 will have to carry the banner, as Google has introduced nested labels in Gmail.  Next to the fantastic spam filters, this may be the best feature in Gmail.  I can’t overstate how happy I am that Google has added this feature.

Thank you, Google.

Some will feel compelled to tell me how great labels and tags are.  I’ll respond the same way I always do- good, go make some labels and tags.  It doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition.  We should both have what we want.  Now we do.

On the same day, Apple gave the world a preview of the forthcoming iPhone OS 4.  There’s a lot to like about the new OS- the main thing being the ability to have more than one Microsoft Exchange email account.  Another excellent new feature is the ability to place your iPhone and iPad apps in folders.  This is excellent.

Folders.  As far as the eye can see.

Now, if Apple would just implement folders in iTunes, I could focus all of my attention on crapping all over the otherwise excellent Evernote for refusing to add folders (or subnotebooks) to its application.  Without folders, Evernote becomes unwieldy for power users.  I pay for a premium account, but I won’t renew it unless the developers implement some sort of folders option.

You win a few and you lose a few.  Yesterday we won.