Seesmic Web Makes Good Twitter

I was way late to the party, but have been using and enjoying Seesmic Web for the past few weeks.  It takes the chaos and user-unfriendliness that is the native Twitter web site, and makes it darn near usable.

I like the way I can select, see and manage three columns of content on one screen.

click for a bigger, annotated image

I keep my main feed in the first column, and either a saved search or one of the lists I follow in the second or third column.

Today, Seesmic updated the app to include some really helpful new features.  One of those is pretty close to the feature I asked for the other day- better subscription management.

See the Contacts link?

Click on it, and you get a screen and toolset that makes managing your follows a lot easier.

click for a bigger image

Click on the “following” link beneath your photo, and you get a list of the people you follow.  Click on a person, and you get a screenful of information.image

I’m following the Dalai Lama, but alas he is not following me (can’t imagine why not).  If he was, that message would say “This user and you are following each other.”

From this screen, you can also send a message or unfollow someone.  Not perfect, but better.

It’s also easy to manage lists from this screen, and like Facebook, lists are crucial to an efficient Twitter experience.

The new version still has some issues.  I’ve had some log-in problems, lockups and script errors in Firefox 3.5.8, and the All Contacts button doesn’t seem to work after you view a contact’s details.

But it’s a definite step forward.

8 thoughts on “Seesmic Web Makes Good Twitter

  1. I should. that would ruin his little Twitter plan :)But I think he gets an exception. Along with Bill Gates and a few other “unfriendly” types.Actually, I am honored just to follow the Dalai Lama. There aren't many people I would say that about.

  2. Personally I prefer Twhirl when on the Mac, but Tweetdeck is pretty good to. I'm curious Kent, which app do you use on iPhone to do your tweeting?

  3. One of the things I really like about Seesmic is that it's completely web-based. I don't have to install anything on my computer. I've used Tweetdeck (not the latest version), and I like it. But not as much as Seesmic.I use Tweetie on my iPhone.

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