Absurd, Irritating Ad from a Ford Dealership

My dad was a Ford dealer.  Until I bought my Toyota Tundra a couple of years ago, I was a loyal Ford customer.  When I bought my Toyota, I felt a little guilty.

No more.

This week, in the wake of the Toyota recalls, I received a very official looking envelope, with a large, ominous message on the front” “IMPORTANT TOYOTA RECALL INFO ENCLOSED.”


So I put it aside, and opened it today.

Much to my surprise and Ford-hate inducing irritation, it was not a letter explaining how to get my truck fixed.  It was an ad from a Ford dealership trying to get me to buy a Ford.  Look, there is one reason and only one reason they dressed-up the envelope like this.  To get me to open some paper-spam that I would otherwise have immediately tossed in the trash.  I don’t know if this is illegal, but it should be.


Candidly, I hope Freeway Ford never sells another vehicle if this is the way it tries to attract customers.

Guess what Freeway Ford?  We are shopping for a car for my wife right now.  Guess what else?  We’re not going to buy a Ford.