Good Music: (I’m Hungover In) The Walmart Breakroom

First of all, the best music blog in all of the universes, known or unknown, express or implied, is A Truer Sound.

Now that we have that settled, let me give you an example of why.  I know a lot about music.  Really, I do.  So when I first hear a band that blows me away, that’s a rare and special thing.  Well, guess what showed up in my feed reader tonight?  This absolutely excellent, hilarious and highly recommended video by a band called D. Striker.

Not only am I considering basing the rest of my life (or at least the rest of my night) on this excellent video (which supplanted Four Wal-Marts by my buddy Baker Maultsby as my all-time favorite Walmart song)

I can also report that you can download an entire album of wonderfully named songs via D. Striker’s web site, on a name your own price basis (Not Funny Anymore, Last Resort, Broken Strings Again and Comfort Inn being excellent songs). I’m too currency-challenged to pay much, but to make amends for my economic shortcomings, I’m going to Tweet my new Twitter pal Bill and ask him to buy a copy for a million or two bucks (preferably a million). I say a computer on every desk and D. Striker on every Zune. Wait a minute. . . does Steve Jobs use Twitter? Just kidding Bill. We love our Zunes. All ten of us do.

D. Striker is absolutely worth a listen or ten.  For their next record, I’d love to hear them rock-up a cover of Sandra Lynn’s Blues by South Filthy (hint, hint).

You can follow D. Striker at Twitter.  And you should.