Sporting Clays, Volume 3

After shooting Volume 1 and Volume 2 from a behind the shooter, stationary camera, I shot this round with a gun mounted camera.  It works OK with high, arching shots where there is a lot of blue sky to provide contrast.  It works less well on low, fast shots, where bushes or trees are in the background.  I also learned on editing that I need to start shooting only after I have loaded and am ready to shoot.  This video is pretty sloppy, but it taught me what I need to know for future videos.

It would also be really, really helpful to have a remote control for my JVC GC-FM1A HD camcorder.  That would allow me to easily stop and start between shots while reloading.

I shot OK today, particularly considering that the pull delay wasn’t working on several of the stations and I was shooting alone.  But I still gave away too many easy points.  I should be hitting at least 85% on the south course.

It’s been slow going on the videos, but I’m getting there.