Sporting Clays, Volume 2

After inadvertently recording Volume 1 in standard definition, I made it a point to shoot in HD today while shooting the South Course with my buddy J.C. MacBarker (known to some as Robert Brannon).  I had some camera angle issues, but the higher definition makes the clay visible, which is cool.  Things will get much better after today, as my gun camera mount arrived in the mail this afternoon.

We did good on the South Course, other than my continuing difficulty shooting the rabbit.  Later, we shot the harder North Course with another buddy.  We all did good, but not great, over there.  The gun camera mount is going to be handy for calculating some of the harder shot leads.  When you’re practicing and can take as many shots as you want, it’s relatively easy to zero in on most targets.  When you’re shooting in a competition, it’s important to get the lead right from the first shot.

All in all, a beautiful day.  And there’s no better way to spend a beautiful day than shooting some clays in the country.