If the iPhone is So Great. . .

Then why can’t it do so many things that so many other phones routinely do?

Like MMS?

Like tethering?

Like Google Voice via an app?

Like Google Latitude via an app?

Like watch videos via a SlingPlayer?

Like stream live video?

Like take a flash photo?

Like run flash apps?

Like swap batteries?

Like multitask?

I’m just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “If the iPhone is So Great. . .

  1. Aren't the first 5 network issues rather than distinct iPhone issues to a more-or-less extent?But I guess the why a device doesn't do so-and-so is in the end of no consequence to the person using it.A device either does 'something' or doesn't. I guess it's the same issue about what's the priorities in your mobile life and the experience for you.

  2. Exactly. What has become evident to me is that someone is killing the iPhone. Maybe ATT. Maybe Apple. Maybe both.But it doesn't really matter who's doing it. Only that is being done.

  3. The first 5 aren't network issues, because many other ATT phones do those (some, or in the case of the ATT HTC Fuze, all of them). The fact is that the iPhone was not designed around these features, and shoehorning them in for millions of users will have undesired effects on ATT's network. ATT can't fix the fact that the iPhone has a lousy system for handling background data applications, syncing issues, and bandwidth management, so it blocks features that most every other phone, even every ATT phone, has.I don't think it's fair to say it's a network issue when the network is clearly capable of doing it with just about every other device it supports, and often ones with cheaper monthly plans.

  4. As the owner of an HTC Fuze, I am genuinely astonished that the iPhone can't do a number of the things listed. I cannot imagine buying a device that wouldn't let me swap out a battery. Of course, some of them I didn't even realize that my Fuze could do.I really wish that Windows Mobile wasn't such a dud in a number of respects (specifically UI). Its wide availability on some truly great phones could win over a lot of the upset iPhone users. If they could stomach the fact that it's Microsoft, that is.I am crossing my fingers hoping that Android can get caught up.

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