18 Stories High and Fearless

We spent the last few days in New Braunfels, Texas.  We tubed the Comal River, saw a great Jesse Dayton show at Gruene Hall, and spent a full and fun day at the Schlitterbahn.  Highly recommended, and a great family vacation.

While we were at the Schlitterbahn, Cassidy, once again, begged to do a high, scary ride- this time the Skycoaster, which basically involves being dropped from the equivalent of the top of an 18 story building.  Her friend Charlotte, who is visiting from France, quickly agreed to join her.  I wasn’t all that excited about letting Cassidy do it, but I decided to call her bluff.  Well, without a second’s hesitation, she filled out the form, jumped in the harness and took off.  Cassidy is on the right on the way up.

I’m pretty doggone proud of her.