The Jim Jones Revue, Rocked, Rolled and Reviewed

One of life’s great pleasures is discovering a new band that really blows you away.  I had one of those moments today when, thanks to 30 Days Out, I discovered The Jim Jones Revue.

Start with the true father of rock and roll, Little Richard.  Add big helping of vintage punk rock attitude, and a hard charging, rip-roaring, garage band-style blues vibe.  Then crank up the volume, toss your head around wildly and start digging The Jim Jones Revue’s self-titled record.  Released last year, this record completely and relentlessly rocks.  From the first second of the first song, Princess & the Frog to the last second of the last song, Cement Mixer, this record simply doesn’t let up.  Unadulterated rock and roll.  It sounds like The Black Keys on some Carlos Castaneda-inspired mushroom trip.  And I mean that in a good way.

Need to hear it for yourself?  Take a listen to Hey Hey Hey Hey.  If that doesn’t rock your socks off, you must be barefooted and deaf.

If you like rock and roll, go buy this record right now.  And turn it up.

While you’re at it, imagine for a moment that you’re back in the golden era of music videos, watching 120 Minutes, and this comes pouring out of your TV.

Not too shabby, huh?