Evening Reading: 4/30/09

There are Some Who Call Me Tim Department:  Here’s how 10 iconic tech products got their name.  I didn’t know that Firefox started out as Firebird.

Adventures in Victim Retaliation:  Here’s the hilarious story of how some dude punked the guy who stole his laptop via remote access.  He should have let the guy keep it and started a blog with daily updates and live webcam feeds, particularly since the police refused to swing at the softball he lobbed at them.

Living Deliberately:  This fellow suffered through 2 long weeks without Twitter in the name of journalism.  I think there are pockets of Twitter that function as a free-form message board, if you manage your follows well, but the larger platform is without a doubt a self-promotion and spam fest.

Good Mashup Department:  This is pretty funny.  Star Trek, Lost style.  The funniest Star Trek parody ever were the Star Trek cats segments in the old Robotman cartoon.

Stupidity for Traffic:  This is a really stupid headline.  Maybe Palm is having issues with the Pre, but why don’t we act like grownups and see how it works before we bury it.  The crap people do for attention really amazes me (as I give them attention, thereby rewarding hyperbolic behavior).

Fringe Movies Department:  Here’s a list of the top 10 classic midnight movies.  I’ve seen all of them, except the first one.  I love Rocky Horror, and I thought Eraserhead was worse than horrible.

Evernote Department:  Ron tells us how to encrypt notes in the most wonderful Evernote.  I like this feature, as I migrate more and more of my data into Evernote.  Ron needs to stop posting new tips and answer my question about sub-folders.

The E Word:  Here are some educational web sites for kids that are fun.  Hey, where’s Webkinz on this list!  Here are some good math apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch.  And here are some Web 2.0 apps for learning.

What We Need Here is a Boycott:  So PC World not only does the annoying partial feed thing, it also breaks up some articles into many separate pages.  I’d love to know what they think are the essential iPhone apps, but I’m not going to click that hard.  Here is my list, on one handy page.  Without ads.  Imagine that.

What is that Bald Spot in the Distance:  The universe is so flat you can stand on a sardine can and see the back of your head.

Like Wimpy’s Hamburger Money: Looks like the final release candidate for Windows 7 will be here on Tuesday.  Thankfully, I’m running the beta on an old laptop with no data I care about on it.

Welcome Wagon:  I’m really glad to see Seth Finkelstein on Twitter (follow him here).  I just wish he’d use it more and talk with other non-BigHeads like me.  Twitter needs more Seths and less celebrities.

Defrosting Windows Department:  Here’s a handy way to kill frozen Windows applications.

Good New Music:  I dig this new Weinland record.  Here’s Sunken Eyes, and here’s the Neilish I’m Sure It Helps.  Buy it here.

Chiseled in Stone:  The great Vern Gosdin died recently.  I loved his eighties country records and The Gosdin Brothers’ Sounds of Goodbye is indeed an overlooked classic.  Groover’s Paradise has an MP3.  So does Setting the Woods on Fire.  The Adios Lounge has a story.

TIVO Deathwatch Department:  I haven’t updated my TIVO Deathwatch in a while because I thought TIVO was already dead.  Now I’m holding out hope for a resurrection in the form of this new DirecTV TIVO.  The question, of course, is how do we know this isn’t a Lucy football move, that will end up with DirecTV abandoning TIVO again?

I’d Be Happy with One:  Here’s a list of 10 ways to be useful on Twitter.  My list would be number 5 written ten times.

Scary and Funny:  io9 has a good write up on Supernatural.  Supernatural is a very well written show.  The scary episodes are generally really scary (particularly for TV), and the occasional comedic episodes are almost always hilarious.

More Stating of the Obvious:  In the second stating the obvious study of the week, some egghead got paid to determine that employees will find ways around corporate firewalls.  Wow, I’d never have guessed that.  I wonder if alcoholics drink more beer than meerkats?

No Gander in Sight Department:  OK, this is the kind of bullshit thing that infuriates me.  It’s perfectly fine to crap all over Christians, but say anything even remotely non-positive about any other group and the world stops for a gigantic protest.  I’m no bible beater, but this sort of crap enrages me.  Fully.

If This Isn’t an Omen, What Is Department:  The Newspaper Association of America is going online-only.

Luke Needs to Study Harder.  Some little girl gets inspired by some Globetrotters song or whatnot and rocks an IQ of 156.

Safety in Math:  Here’s why you only have to worry about the little monsters in your closet.

Cry Baby Department:  So Microsoft wants to give us all free PC security products, and we have to worry about other companies crying about it.  Seems to me that any lawmaker who wants to force consumers to have to pay for what they could otherwise get for free isn’t doing us any favors.  I say any company should be able to give away anything it wants, without penalty.

Celebrity of the Day:  Everybody is bleating about Sarah Palin joining Twitter.  She has over 10,000 followers and follows a whopping 45 people.  When did Twitter turn into People Magazine?

Rich Men with Clubs:  If you like golf, change sports.  If for some reason you are unwilling to do that, this looks like an interesting golf game for your iPhone.

Once You Go Mac:  Here’s a very interesting read about a guy’s switch to Mac after a lifetime of PC use.