Take a Email, Betty

Send a copy to my inbox, gotta organize my life.  Apologies to R.B. Greaves.

Cc:Betty, not to be confused with CC Rider, CCR or the German techno band C.C.C.P., is a service that turns an email exchange into a threaded message board-like page, and archives attachments for easy access.  Getting started is a simple as adding betty@ccbetty.com to the cc (e.g., carbon copy) field in an email.

When you do that, the service creates a page like this:

Email replies (assuming they leave betty in the cc field) show up on the list, and attachments are archived too.  Additionally, participants can comment and leave attachments directly from the Cc:Betty web page.  The process works smoothly, with attachments showing up as thumbnails (see the screen clip above) you can click on for a full size view:

More info via the FAQ.

I’m not exactly sure how I can use Cc:Betty, but I want to find something to do with it.

Because it’s just cool.  Sometimes just cool is enough.