Evening Reading: 4/15/09

Marriage Made in Nerdville: You can now send stuff to my beloved Evernote via Twitter.  What they need to do now is to convert #hashtags to tags on importation.

Spam vs the World Department: Crap like this and that stupid, obvious and utterly idiotic Twitter traffic machine nonsense are the worst thing about Twitter.  I don’t know what Twitter’s position or plan is with regard to spam, but if they aren’t proactive, spam will kill Twitter.  You can count on it.  At least all those self-affirming, very serious and unintentionally hilarious Deep Thoughts-like posts are funny.

Oversharing Department: Speaking of all those Deep Thoughts, the New York Times tries and generally fails to play the role of Twitter apologist.  Few if any of the examples mentioned in that article couldn’t be done much better via email or text message.

That’s Not a Nut, that’s a Cherry Bomb: What do all parks do for self-improvement?  Why detonate some squirrels, of course.

Saying a Lot Department: Here are Rush Limbaugh’s 10 dumbest remarks.  I’m profoundly apolitical, but I lose a lot of respect for someone who lives on either end of the spectrum, when we all know the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  End dwellers aren’t looking for truth or justice.

Still Whining: Dave Winer is still crying about not being included in Twitter’s suggested users list.  Now he points a green finger at Mashable.  I wonder if he has convinced himself it’s about who’s on that list as opposed to that he’s not?  Dave will not talk to me, so I’d love the thoughts of some of his minions.

Yes, Yes, Yes Department: Feedburner is completely and totally messed up.  It is unforgivable that Google would acquire a tool used by so many bloggers and then completely ignore it to death.  If Google isn’t going to take care of it, give it to Mozilla and let it go open source.

Horrifying Twitter Post of the Week:


I’d like to add a witty comment, but there’s nothing I could possibly add to that.

OK, Maybe I Can: Why do I feel like I’m caught in a yelling match between Jack Handy and P.T. Barnum every time I visit Twitter?