Evening Reading: 4/2/09

Literary Adventure Department: Last night Cassidy and I started reading the Hobbit together.  I have long waited until we can read this and the trilogy together.  I am very excited about our new adventure.  Today at school, Cassidy replied to her teacher’s “good morning” with a recital of Gandalf’s lines upon hearing that greeting from Bilbo Baggins.

Looking at Netflix:  Nightline took a very interesting look inside a Netflix shipping center.  I don’t think Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a chick flick.  I thought it was hilarious, especially every word that came out of Russell Brand’s mouth.  I dig Netflix.

I Know You Are, But What Am I: I took this interesting Belief-o-Matic religion quiz.  Looks like I’m an Orthodox Quaker, or maybe a mainline to liberal Christian protestant or a Hindu.  Happily, I am farthest from a Jehovah’s Witness.

Not MySpace, Deadwood:  This dude wonders if Twitter is turning into MySpace.  I’m pretty sure it’s turning into Deadwood.  Everybody’s out mining for gold.  There are lots of Swearengens and not enough Bullocks.

Extreme Money Grab Department:  Looks like older Slingboxes won’t work with the forthcoming Slingbox iPhone app.  Unless there is a very good but hard to imagine technical reason for this limitation, I expect Sling to take a lot of heat over this.

Deep Art Ment:  Here are some pretty cool posters.  Here’s a blog devoted to cool album covers.

When April Fool’s Jokes Go Wrong:  A fisherman choked to death yesterday after he put some bait in his mouth as a joke.  That’s really sad. 

Stunning Tweet of the Day Department:  “My wife’s out riding her new motorcycle!”

Gadget Lust Department:  I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy one of these the day they are available.